Our Mission

  Why Trinity?

    For the most part... 
    the Christian Church in America has lost its influence. 
    It doesn't seem to matter anymore. 
    It doesn't influence culture, 
    It doesn't affect communities and neighborhoods,
    and there hasn't been a spiritual awakening in hundreds of years. 
    It has become a relic of the past, ignoring the call to the present.

                                                                        Churches tend to argue about purpose and mission. 
                                                                        They struggle to have their own unique mission 
                                                                        statement... one that "sounds" better than the  
                                                                        church down the street. They spend time competing 
                                                                        against each other.

    The truth is, we should all have the same mission, 
    be working on the same team, and toward the same end.                 

    Jesus simply said: 
    "...the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost." 
    We believe he meant that...so Trinity has adopted his 
    mission as ours. We help find and rescue lost people.

    We have created an environment where people, without any 
    religious hindrance, can connect with and experience the 
    living God. To "seek and to save" the lost is what it's all about. 

    Here's the deal:
    Trinity is one of the few Christian Movements that matter because we 
    follow Jesus rather than fallen men and irrelevant traditions and rituals.

Our Values

What really matters? 

    - Jesus and His teachings    
    - Discipleship through intentional relationships     
    - Relevancy to the culture and the people     
    - Scripture and the Power of God that it contains
    - Equipping all to minister
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